Precision Medicine, Says Paul Mampilly, is the Hope for Investors and Patients

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According to Paul Mampilly an investment advisor and editor of “Profits Unlimited” newsletter at Banyan Hill Publishing, Precision medicine is going to be the most profitable investment in the near future. He observes that precision medicine is going to bypass all drugs, medical devices, and vaccinations efforts even if they were all combined. Furthermore, it will revolutionize healthcare’s way of dealing with diseases. Paul Mampilly identified a mid-western company that is leading the charge in precision medicine saying their efforts will make it possible to treat current illnesses that are incurable. Follow Paul on Facebook.

Getting into the science of it, precision medicine involves looking at a person’s DNA and coming up with a medication that is specific to his genetic makeup. This will enable the medical practitioner to come up with custom-made medical interventions that rely on an individual’s DNA preventing diseases from spreading. He quotes diseases such as heart disease, Parkinson’s, and diabetes, all of which could be wiped out with the new technology.

Depending on a person’s genes, doctors can determine medications and treatments that will keep a given disease away, as well as if a disease is already set in, which treatments and medications will be effective to overcome it. Investors may be wondering how such a large industry involving a lot of companies is being called revolutionary by Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly says the mid-western company is the one to invest in because it has brought together some of the best scientific minds around the world to work in its facilities. He adds that the company is one of the leading firm in the industry in molecular diagnostic DNA sequencing in evaluating the likelihood of a person developing a particular disease. They, in turn, develop the best tailor-made drug therapy that a person will respond best to. To be specific, the company is interested in various forms of cancers, for instance ovarian, uterine, breast, and prostate, as well as rheumatoid arthritis.


The mid-western company has been identified as Myriad Genetics (MYGN) in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a personalized medicine and diagnostic company dealing with sale and processing of cancer risk tests that identify specific cancer variants. Myriad Genetics tests show how a disease has progressed and treatment efficacy. Although their tests are not only for cancer screening, they show mutations that increase a person’s chances of developing cancer which is countered by early-stage interventions. Since Paul Mampilly announced this in September last year, the company stocks then valued at $1.5 billion have risen to a value of $2.2 billion. Follow Paul on

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