The Tradition Of Mythical Dynasty Continues At Bradesco Bank As Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Appointed To Fill The Position Of The Chairman Of The Board

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Earlier this year, the executive committee of Bradesco bank announced the much-anticipated name of the new President who would succeed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Many people, including expert analysts, were speculating that the current head of Information & Technology would become the next president of Bradesco bank. To their awe, the board appointed Octavio de Lazari to lead the second largest lender in Latin America.

Octavio de Lazari beat other seven candidates who had expressed interests in succeeding Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the president of Bradesco bank. He was officially confirmed as the new president of Bradesco bank on 12th March 2017 during the general shareholders meeting. Before he was officially confirmed as the president of Bradesco, Octavio de Lazari performed the roles of the CEO and executive vice-president of Bradesco Seguros, the insurance division of the bank.

The Brazilian banking regulations and traditions within Bradesco bank required the appointment committee to announce the name of the new president of the bank one month before the general shareholders meeting. These regulations have been put in place by the Central Bank of Brazil to ensure smooth transitions in the Brazilian banks.

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Among many other things, Bradesco bank is known for upholding its traditions. The values instilled by the founder of the Bradesco bank still play a crucial role in its survival. An example of a tradition that Bradesco has upheld for decades is what is considered as a mythical dynasty. Throughout the years, Bradesco bank is known to consider their own candidates whenever a vacancy arises in the bank. It is as a result of this mythical dynasty that Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed to succeed Lazaro Brandao and Octavio de Lazari took over the presidency of the bank.

Octavio de Lazari, the new president of Bradesco bank
The 54-year-old Octavio de Lazari has been serving at Bradesco for the last two decades. While growing up, Octavio de Lazari never envisioned becoming such a big name in the Brazilian banking sector. As a young boy, Octavio de Lazari was passionate about football. Just like many Brazilian teenagers, Octavio wanted to play professional soccer. He joined various football academies and clubs to horn his football skills.

However, Octavio de Lazari’s dream of becoming a footballer was short-lived when his father advised him to consider formal employment. Octavio de Lazari applied for a vacancy that was open at Bradesco bank and he qualified. Even though Octavio had a strong passion for football, he knew that a professional career at Bradesco would increase his chances of growing a career in the banking industry.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the new chairman of Bradesco bank
The life history of Octavio and Luiz are similar to some extent. However, unlike Octavio de Lazari, the new chairman of Bradesco started working at the institution when he was a teenager as clerk. Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked his way up the ranks to lead various departments in Bradesco bank. Luiz Carlos Trabuco finally reached at the helm of the bank’s leadership to become the president and then the chairman of the board.

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