Barbara Stokes: Building Homes for Hurricane Victims

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Barbara Stokes is a philanthropic executive based in Huntsville, Alabama. She is the current chief executive officer of the Green Structure Homes Delivered, which is a construction contractor that focuses on relief operations. The company of Barbara Stokes recently revealed their plans of creating new jobs for eight states that would benefit the local population. The Green Structure Homes Delivered was awarded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency a $28.5 million contract, and the government agency asked Barbara Stokes to build the best homes for those who were affected by the recent calamities which devastated the coastal areas of the United States. The Green Structure Homes Delivered is known for their products including manufactured homes and pre-constructed houses, and the government knew that they would be getting quality houses for lower prices if they will be working with the company of Barbara Stokes. Read more at Business Insider.

The most recent project involving the Green Structure Homes Delivered targets to manufacture homes for those who lost their homes due to Hurricane Harvey. The state of Texas is one of the states that fell victim to the hurricane’s immense power, and the government wanted to provide the local population with homes that would protect them from the elements, while they are still waiting for their permanent homes to be constructed. Other beneficiaries of the project include those who came from other states which were also battered by the hurricane. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The Green Structure Homes Delivered has been helping the government since its establishment in 2008. Barbara Stokes and Scott Stokes, who is currently serving as the CEO and the COO respectively, are the brains behind the company. They wanted to provide the best housing options for people who were victimized by natural calamities, and they thought that building a company like the Green Structure Homes Delivered will be a great help for those who have lost everything. They continue to provide their services with the help of the government, and according to Barbara Stokes, as long as there will be hurricanes that would be threatening the territories of the United States, they will continue to lend their arms to those who would be needing their help.

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