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As with most entrepreneurs, Whitney Wolfe has very humble beginnings. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah to relatively famous parents. She later graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in International Studies. During her college, she started up a non-profit called the “Help Us Project.” It was designed to help victims of the BP oil spill. After establishing her present career, she married a fellow entrepreneur named Michael Herd in 2017. They went to celebrate in Italy.

Whitney Wolfe was recently recognized as one of Time Magazine’s Person of the year for 2018. This is due to the dating service app she helped to created named Bumble. Whitney Wolfe’s story begins several years prior when she co-founded the popular dating app Tinder. At the time, she didn’t consider herself feminist. However, that quickly changed after a series of events. She not only left tinder, but even sued the company for sexual harassment. This directly lead to the creation of Bumble. On this service, only women can start a conversation. That concept makes the app much more appealing to many users. The company has grown tremendously over the years. It’s currently valued at over $1 billion.

The Bumble app has several functions to help connect people. A recent addition is Bumble BFF. This gives the user the opportunity to make a new best friend, or simply connect with existing friends. Alongside this function is the Bumble Bizz feature. This is a slightly different than BFF, where instead the user is presenting themselves professionally. The power to expanded your social network via friends or professional friends is vital to the social media experience. It has also given women a platform to speak regarding the #metoo movement and a place for them to feel welcoming.

Whitney Wolfe is an incredible women. She has helped to create a popular dating app that helps men, and especially women connect. Her experience and background has given her a strong edge over the competition. Being named in Time Magazine’s Person of the year for 2018 is one of the highest honors someone can receive. Whitney Wolfe has a very bright path ahead of her.

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