Ross Abelow Starts GoFundMe Campaign For Homeless Animals

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Recently, New York Attorney Ross Abelow has started a GoFundMe campaign of epic proportions to the public. It’s mission is simple, to provide more help to the homeless animals of New York City. For those who are unaware, a GoFundMe campaign is an online drive where people from all over the world can donate money to a cause or project they believe in. Many amazing works of art and great causes have gotten off the ground thanks to this groundbreaking website. To make donations on projects, the GoFundMe website is very user-friendly and brings out the best in many people. Now, Abelow is making use of the technology to help the animals of New York City.

The GoFundMe campaign goal is set at five thousand dollars, and the money will go to local shelters to help pay for things like medical expenses, vaccines, food and the general comfort and well-being of the shelter animals. If families are not currently able to help homeless animals by adopting, now there is a new way for them to help the animals at least lead a happier life within the shelters. More amenities for the animals will mean that more of them can be rescued from the hardship of the streets and have a chance at finding a family. Those within the shelters will have better access to health treatments they need and increase their chances of getting adopted. To read the entire press release on Abelow’s campaign, head over to

The man behind this great campaign is Ross Abelow, who has built a very successful career in New York City by specializing in divorce law and entertainment law. His daily docket often includes helping individuals understand paperwork and rules regarding intellectual property and copyright. He also helps divorcing couples complete the process and be able to move their separate ways. Both divorce and entertainment law are incredibly delicate and nuanced subjects. Abelow has made a name for himself being diversified and thorough enough to be able to navigate those choppy waters. Abelow is a busy man, so for a campaign to capture his attention and time is well worth it. Here’s hoping his campaign reaches its goal and many others like it will follow.


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