Eucatex: A Brazilian Success Story

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Founded in 1951 by the Maluf family, Brazil’s Eucatex company is one of the country’s many success stories. With the first factory erected in 1954, Eucatex began production of acoustic ceilings and fiber plates made from eucalyptus. Finding success in their products Eucatex began exporting goods to Europe and expanded their product line. More achievements followed Eucatex as offices expanded through Brazil and Argentina.

As time moved forward as did Eucatex and the vision to move forward and progress. The company’s labs began work at creating new lines of paints and varnishes. This endeavor grew into the urge for greater sustainability. The newer lines of paint products provided new benefits for plants and trees in the newer factories established by Eucatex. These ventures spearheaded the company into success. Currently Eucatex exports to 40 countries with an expanded catalog of items and holds thousands of people under employment. Much of the company’s future success stems from the leadership guiding the way.

Flavio Maluf has been the head of Eucatex since April 2005. As the Chairman, Maluf utilizes much of the business knowledge he attained at Brazil’s Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. In addition to heading Eucatex, Maluf also serves Grand Food Group as the corporation’s president.

In 1987, after receiving a degree in New York, Flavio Maluf returned to work for Eucatex and continue in the family’s work. From his website it shows that Maluf has spent 27 years with Eucatex, using a wide array of engineering and administration knowledge to use. After time in the industrial sector Maluf moved into a permanent executive position and remained since.  Maluf gives some pretty brilliant entrepreneur tips as well.

Eucatex and the Maluf family received success in various sectors of business after humbly beginning with walls and roofs combined with the revolutionary idea of utilizing eucalyptus. With the years worth of experience and knowledge at Flavio Maluf’s disposal, Eucatex can make even greater strides in the present and in the future.

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