Skout Reveals Results From Random Acts Of Kindness Survey

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If you like helping your community and like to make other people smile on a daily basis, then you will likely have a great time engaging in random acts of kindness. The week of celebration for random acts of kindness is designated to be February 15th to February 20th. This is a good time as any to begin engaging in random acts of kindness that can positively affect the community around you. You can begin today whether or not it is part of the celebrated week because you can do random acts of kindness any time of the year. The week of celebration is being promoted by the social media and dating site called Skout in order to bring about a higher level of awareness for the good deeds that we can do for others.

Skout is available in 180 countries around the world. They are bringing people together on a large scale in order to help others find romantic partnership or friendships. The application is available for free on most smartphones, and it is incredibly easy to use. You will be prompted to set up a profile, including profile picture, interests and other specifications that help you relate to others. The app has an easy to use messaging system, and searching the directory of users is quite interesting.

The survey conducted by Skout was published on Uloop’s website, and the original article from Uloop contains some fascinating statistics about college students who have experienced a high level of satisfaction from committing random acts of kindness. The most fascinating statistics are that 51 percent of the people who were surveyed from Skout’s database do random acts of kindness each day, and 93 percent of the people surveyed have done an act of random kindness in the past. The students surveyed for this poll were also asked to rank their favorite random acts of kindness from a list which they were presented. The top random act of kindness was buying a cup of coffee or someone’s order when visiting a drive through line.

These random acts can completely change the way that someone’s day is going. You can brighten other people’s lives with your kindness and disposition. Your words and actions manifest themselves in a beautiful way when you begin to show your appreciation for other people in your community. To read the original article from Uloop’s website, visit this link.

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