Sanjay Shah’s Solo Capital Moves On To Acquire Old Park Lane Capital.

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The Sanjay Shah owned Solo Capital has moved ahead and acquired Old Park Lane Capital.

The Old Park Lane Capital is a natural resources stockbroker that deal with natural resources stocks all over the world and is managed by Michael Parnes. Of late the Old Park Lane Capital was facing some financial difficulties that were threatening to run it down. On a move to save itself, it announced a takeover or merger that was aimed at rescuing it from collapsing. Old Park Lane Capital made a loss of around £435,578 loss for the financial year ending on December 31, 2013. This is despite the company making a profit of £82,056 of the previous year.

Solo Capital, which is a privately owned London, and Dubai-based investment company by Sanjay Shah took this opportunity and came in to save it. Solo Capital posted its chief executive, Anne Stratford-Martin, to be the director of the Old Park Lane board and company a month ago after acquiring it. Solo Capital now had full control of Old Park Lane.

Many are hoping that now that Solo Capital has taken control of the Old Park Lane Capital the company will go back to its glory days and start making a profit once again. Most of the staff at this firm were also happy and positive that the new management was going to take them to greater business achievements. Now that Solo Capital is on board, we are waiting to see what will be the next move for Old Park Lane Capital.

Solo Capital was started by the entrepreneur business person Sanjay Shah in 2009. Before forming Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah had worked for various organizations at various mentionable capacities where he gained a lot of experience in the business world. He applied this experience to Solo Capital when he started it and made it very successful.
Currently, Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah runs Autism Rocks his charity organization after he retired from his role in active business management. Autism Rocks is an autism awareness program that works with research institutions and medical facilities to facilitate research on autism. Autism Rocks also raises awareness on autism to parents of children suffering from autism and helps these children access therapy treatment for their condition.

Autism Rocks works in association with renowned celebrities to raise funding through organizing concerts. The first concert that was organized was attended by Prince, who gave a thrilling performance to the guests. The guest attending this concert are invited by the organization and all their donations and money raised through this concerts is directed towards autism support. So far Autism Rocks has managed to donate equipment and supplies to autism treatment centers and organize free autism camps. Sanjay Shah started this noble course after his child was diagnosed with autism at age 4 in 2011, this inspired him to set out and help other children.

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