FreedomPop’s Global Hotspot Service Arrives

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FreedomPop is a startup to watch out for. The company launched its incredible budget phone service not that long ago with promises of free minutes text, and data. The Los Angeles-based company ended up delivering on its promises. This has led to great success, and expanded service. As reports, the expanded service now includes a brilliant new global hotspot and SIM deal. For those who love to travel around the world and save money doing so, FreedomPop is doing its part to help.

The global hotspot network was just recently launched. Now, a collective of cellular networks from around the world are brought together to provide subscribers with a “single seamless data connection”. What this means is subscribers based in the United States and the United Kingdom can travel through 25 countries, and never lose their connection to FreedomPop service. The 25 countries include the U.K., the U.S.A., and 23 other nations in western Europe. The list of countries is sure to grow in time. FreedomPop wants to add another 40 countries to the list. In a few years, the total size of the global network may prove incredibly vast.

Accessing the hotspot requires purchasing a smartphone device. FreedomPop sells a number of different models at incredibly reasonable prices. A one-time fee for the global hotspot must be paid. Currently, the fee is an equally reasonable $49.99. The SIM card is only $10, and updates will be made available to the SIM as more countries are added.

FreedomPop has roughly one million subscribers in the United States. The U.K. subscriber numbers are in the 250,000 range. Those figures are growing, and the company is a clear success. The business model of “one upping” competing budget phones on the market has turned out to be a very successful – and brilliant – one.

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