The Best Senior Community In San Luis Obispo

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The Manse on Marsh is an institution that offers quite a bold and new concept for the seniors living. The exceptional facility has very unique features that are not offered anywhere else on the Central Coast. For individuals who would like to live independently and on a budget, they should consider the facility. All the needs of the individual will be met without any troubles. shows that Manse On Marsh is located at the center of San Luis Obispo. While at the center, a client will be just a walking distance away from restaurants, local shopping, bookstores, ice cream shops and churches. The institution offers all the seniors a good dining, detailed housekeeping services with a bed and a bath linen service, chauffeured transportation, personal laundry and so much more. The facility has a wellness and fitness center, and this means that the seniors overall well-being is well catered for. .
The Manse is always dedicated to offering the optimal quality of life especially for the old people in the community. The services found there are beautiful and very inviting. The combinations offered there are ideal, and every individual in the facility will enjoy peace of mind. indicates the Manse on Marsh was founded by Chris Skiff. He is among the few people who are very passionate to serve the old people in the community. Throughout his career, Chris has always been focused on creating and developing outstanding senior communities. He has several award winning communities, and these help him to shatter the old folks home stereotype. This stereotype prevents many old people in the society from enjoying improved life available in communities like Manse on Marsh.

Chris is a UCLA honors graduate. He started developing the affordable elder’s apartments when he was only 23 years. The largest development he has ever done is on the West Coast. He has been actively involved in more than 20 elder’s communities.
The facility is managed by a team of professionals who are very knowledgeable in their work. The team ensures that the elderly people in the institution get the best service using their leadership skills and compassion.

For many years now, the institution has developed a legacy for the exceptional dedication aimed at the elderly and retired people living in San Luis Obispo. The firm goes beyond the residents expectations and provides the senior community with the best. The institution conducts satisfactory surveys just within the institution so that they can understand the needs of the residents.

Individuals who have gone to the facility say that the experience they got is the best, and it is recommended by very many. The facility is in the best environment, and you will not regret going there. Everyone is treated like family.  The Manse Twitter has further information.

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