The Amazing Success of Coriant

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In the world of telecommunications, there are giants that rule the industry. These companies are the providers of telecommunications service for the entire world. Coriant is one of those companies that has risen to the top of the world of telecommunications. Since 2013, Coriant has been bringing top of the line telecom services to individuals all over the world at affordable prices. With over 3,000 employees, this company continues to grow at an accelerated rate. Coriant continues to provide the very best telecommunications software and hardware to individuals and companies all over the world.

Shaygan Kheradpir is the CEO of Coriant. Many believe that he is a key reason why this telecommunications company has been so successful over the past 3 years. Kheradipr graduated with a Ph.D in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He has held executive positions with Barclays, Verizon, GTE, and Juniper Networks. He has been able to gain the skills needed to take companies to the next level. He has worked with many cost-cutting initiatives that have brought great profits to companies. With his electrical engineering background, Kheradpir has been able to help in the product development phase as well in many of his executive positions.

Kheradpir began his career in GTE laboratories where he was able to focus on network connectivity and management. He was very well known for delivering products ahead of schedule. When GTE merged with Bell Communications, he was then able to become an integral part of Verizon Communications. In 2001, Kheradpir formed many small teams that helped to create many of the software and hardware devices that are now regularly used in telecommunications today. Kheradpir was also very integral in creating a restructuring plan for Juniper Networks in 2004. This is one of the most recent pieces of work for which Kheradpir is known professionally.


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